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About Us

Zumba is a High Impact, Latin Style Dance Exercise. The movement of hips involved in the Latin style of dance is key in the toning of the midsection. With that being said, Zumba is great for toning up and weight loss.


Zumba is known for it's slogan "exercise in disguise". Every Zumba class feels like a party with great music and dancing. No dance experience is needed to participate. It's great for all ages and body types. When the class is over it leaves you feeling energized and ready for more. Some don't even realize what a work out they are actually getting. On average, a person can burn 1,000+ calories per class!


Are you ready to spice up your life? Come on and join the party!


$5 per class. Also ask up about our Gym, Yoga, and More* Memberships and benefits!


In 2010, with a passion for fitness and helping others become their very best, Sara Duckworth opened Underground Fitness to provide group fitness classes & Zumba.  The studio quickly outgrew its original location and it was evident that a larger space was needed.  In the fall of 2014 Underground moved to its current location in Granite Falls and added a full gym and along with new itness classes.  With new classes added, we haven't strayed from what you've come to love about UGF.  We still provide the best Zumba experience in the area.


Come see for yourself and experience Underground Fitness & Tanning!

171 N Main St. Granite Falls, NC 28630

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